A Brooklyn resident by way of Memphis, Lindsey Luff is poised to make a splash on the Americana scene by finding a center between the two cities in her sound. Sonically, it envelopes the rock-laden roots of Tennessean country as much as it embraces pop hooks more akin to metropolitan New York.
Rooted in the rich musical soil of Memphis, the soulful singer-songwriter found her way to Brooklyn to hone her alt-country and folk-inspired sound. There, amid the busyness and the noise, she spins heartfelt tales inspired by love, loss, and leaving.
All Things Go (interview)
The album is a love letter to both the broken and the mended. Luff turns the kaleidoscope of emotions and each lyric pulls on your heart. It’s an album that is wholly relatable because at some point in your life, you’ve felt exactly what she is singing about.
Blurred Culture (album review)
All eyes were on the singer-songwriter... as she opened her mouth and freed her soothing, emotive vocals from their hiding place.
Pancakes and Whiskey
The clip has a Southern, golden-tainted quality to it that fits perfectly with Luff’s alternative country vibe; it tells us a rather straight (though quite sad) story while allowing the song to breathe its contagious energy throughout.
The 405 (video premiere)
These are raw emotions dressed up in such a well-presented musical package that it offers both passing radio play enjoyment and for the more discerning, a darker more rewarding experience.
Geoff Wilbur Music Blog (album review)